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Sowar Private Limited was established in 1978 as a proprietary firm by Major (Retd) Brijendra Singh. In 1980 it was converted to a private limited company and structured as an agency house representing foreign companies in the heavy machines, engine instrumentation, oil, gas and mineral exploration sectors. Sowar today has predominant representation in the mineral exploration & oil & gas sector representing companies like Inova Geophysical Equipment Limited, Scintrex Limited, and PICO Envirotec, all from Canada. Sowar has represented British Gas and Rio Tinto in India in the past.

770 capital

In the late eighties Sowar represented M/s. Henry Pels, UK for supply of spring forming machines for Rail Wagon Suspension – Leaf Spring Assemblies to the Indian Railways under contracts from the Central Organization for Modernization of Workshops (COFMOW) . The contract ceased when the Indian Railways graduated to using spiral spring assemblies. With the objective of manufacturing, Sowar promoted three joint venture companies and the Group includes HGS (India) Limited, HGS Sales and Services Private Limited and SGSIL Geophysical Services Private Limited.

Sowar has developed its strategy on the basis of employing well qualified and trained technical personnel to maintain and service sophisticated equipment of its principals. Accordingly, in the oil field equipment, engine control instrumentation, biomedical and software development as well as machine tools sectors, qualified engineers are recruited and suitably trained with foreign principals to ensure quality post sales service attention.


Sowar is a well established organization with an impressive track record. This is recognized by both major foreign companies operating in India and by key government departments. What Sowar can offer is credible access to relevant levels of decision making in government and corporate sectors, information and feed-back, effective follow-up and authentic evaluation for companies interested in pursuing business ventures in India.

Sowar has the ability to uncover opportunities for its principals, advise them on the most profitable product mix and suggest marketing strategies to be followed and progress the project to its completion and satisfaction of the client. Because of the background, experience and the social standing of the management of Sowar, it is possible for them to provide access to key personnel in the bureaucratic, political, industrial and commercial sectors, which are critical to the success of any business venture in India.

Sowar has a well established office in New Delhi with a trained and qualified staff supported by all necessary communication and administrative facilities. In addition, Sowar has a well equipped electronic engineering workshop, which assists clients in commissioning and responding to after sale service problems for their diverse range of products sold in India. Sowar also has a number of regional offices and representatives based in all major cities in the country. Sowar can successfully probe, seed, exploit, market and service on an all-India basis.

Sowar’s success over the years can be attributed to a dedicated & professional management team coupled with ethical values which are imparted to all operating levels and geographical regions. The philosophy of sharing risk & return with its partners has paid it rich dividends & given it credibility in the market place. The adage of adhering to old fashioned values is the Company’s hallmark.

Board of Directors:

a) Major (Retd) Brijendra Singh- Chairman

b) Shashi Singh- Managing Director

c) Mr. Anil Dass- Director

d) Mr. Anand Bhatia- Independent Director

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Key Personnel:

a) Mr. Ajit Anaskar- General Manager-Business Development

b) Mr. Karan Singh- General Manager-Business Development

c) Mr. Sanjay Kaul- Business Head

d) Mr. Sandeep Narula- Service Engineer

e) Mr. P Manoharan- Manager-Logistics

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